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Collection of SSL Tools

This repository contains various tools, which are intended to debug or analyze problems related to SSL/TLS.

Analyzing state of TLS

    • check support for various SSL/TLS version
    • check which ciphers are support
    • verfiy certificate
    • check OCSP state
    • check if SNI is supported and/or required
    • display chain certificates and also local root if certification succeeded
    • support direct connection and various form of STARTTLS
    • ...


    • bulk checking of domains for SMTP TLS support
    • fast parallel checking with non-blocking I/O: 40..60 domains/s which includes MX lookups and several TLS connections
    • checks for common problems with TLS support in MTA
    • does not try to verify certificates, because STARTTLS itself is open to MITM attacks by stripping STARTTLS support
    • summarize data created by mx_starttls_bulk

HTTPS: Certificate Verification, OCSP ...

    • check lots of sites for certificate verification, ciphers and OCSP revocation problems
    • synchronous, i.e one site gets checked after the other


    • check for heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability
    • supports various protocols requiring STARTTLS or similar