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Commits on Jul 16, 2012
  1. Extend previous changes so that even sensors which don't use a refresh()

    pgoyette authored
    callback to update the value can be polled to provide rnd(4) entropy.
  2. revert last

    abs authored

    abs authored
  4. Add vax to DEFAULT_TO_WSKBD

    abs authored
  5. Fix typo in comment. From OpenBSD/luna88k.

    tsutsui authored
  6. Use & not && to mask bits. From OpenBSD/luna88k

    tsutsui authored
  7. Fix tftpboot which was broken by my botched WARNSfy in last year.

    tsutsui authored
    Also add comments that mention libsa tftp requires network device socket
    in f_devdata in struct open_file, from spz@ in PR port-sparc64/46652.
    Briefly tested tftpboot and nfsboot on Ultra5.
  8. Undo the non-sharing of the "toplevel" jmp_buf between main.c and tft…

    he authored
    so that we don't get a core dump if a transfer time-out is experienced.
    Also, get rid of an extranous newline printed in the case of time-out.
  9. Make the result from SOFTIPLMASK match the comment.

    skrll authored
    "Wouldn't hurt" from matt@
  10. Fix racy softint dispatch that lead to KASSERT(si->si_active) in

    skrll authored
    Discussed with matt@. "Looks good to me"
  11. Enable entropy gathering

    pgoyette authored
Commits on Jul 15, 2012
  1. commit my workaround for PR 46648 for now, as the more involved

    mrg authored
    fix is not ready yet:
    move the clear endpoint stall async call into the task thread,
    to avoid trying to call kmem_alloc() from a softint thread.
    XXX ideally moving callbacks into the task thread (or perhaps
    a different high priority task thread) would be better than this
    workaround, once that method is working.
  2. Add stream methods

    matt authored
  3. Add byte-swap versions.

    matt authored
    Use RET and RETc(c)
    Use ENTRY_NP
  4. s/u_int*_t/ -> uint_*_t

    matt authored
    Add swap variants for many accessors.
  5. Document the new SYSMON_FHAS_ENTROPY flag.

    pgoyette authored
  6. If a sensor is flagged as capable of providing rnd(4) with entropy,

    pgoyette authored
    hook the sensor into rnd subsystem, and make sure we periodically
    refresh the sensor whether or not it is being actively monitored.
  7. Add a new (dummy) event type so we can use it for forcing sensors to be

    pgoyette authored
    refreshed even when the sensor is not being monitored.
  8. When unregistering a sensor device, make sure we unregister and delete

    pgoyette authored
    all the associated events.
  9. Rename MDP_IRET to MDL_IRET since it is an lwp flag, not a proc one.

    dsl authored
    Add an MDL_COMPAT32 flag to the lwp's md_flags, set it for 32bit lwps
      and use it to force 'return to user' with iret (as is done when
      MDL_IRET is set).
    Split the iret/sysret code paths much later.
    Remove all the replicated code for 32bit system calls - which was only
      needed so that iret was always used.
    frameasm.h for XEN contains '#define swapgs', while XEN probable never
      needs swapgs, this is likely to be confusing.
    Add a SWAPGS which is a nop on XEN and swapgs otherwise.
    (I've not yet checked all the swapgs in files that include frameasm.h)
    Simple x86 programs still work.
    Hijack 6.99.9 kernel bump (needed for compat32 modules)
  10. add function switch to switch on/off "wireless WAN", aka GSM et al modem

    spz authored
    not tested to actually work, extensively tested not to do any harm if you
    don't have a wwan
  11. Some namespace protection (and add greppablity).

    dsl authored
    Prefix the DRIVE_ and DRIVET_ constants from atavar.h with ATA_.
    Don't use an enum for drive_type - you don't know how big it will be.
    Move driver_type to avoid implicit structure padding (esp on arm).
    This change is purely lexical and mechanical.
    Update to 6.99.9 - this wasn't done when the SATA PMP changes
    were made - I'm sure they warranted a bump.
  12. Use after free (Coverity 273146)

    spz authored
  13. Add support for the Freescale TWR-P1025 evaluation board and the P102…

    matt authored
    QorIQ processors.  XXX tsec isn't working yet on the TWR-P1025.
  14. Use ldrexb/strexb for ARMv6 and above platforms since

    matt authored
    "swp{b} use is deprecated" for them.
  15. Regen.

    matt authored
  16. Add AR8035

    matt authored
  17. Fix obvious copy/paste-induced error (my fault) that would clobber

    jakllsch authored
    the bottom 24-bits of r_lba during a LBA48 command with AT_READREG.
  18. - Rework NPF tables and fix support for IPv6. Implement tree table type

    rmind authored
      using radix / Patricia tree.  Universal IPv4/IPv6 comparator for ptree(3)
      was contributed by Matt Thomas.
    - NPF tables: update regression tests, improve npfctl(8) error messages.
    - Fix few bugs when using kernel modules and handle module autounloader.
    - Few other fixes and misc cleanups.
    - Bump the version.
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