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React Static ships with a CLI that you can use globally to create projects quickly and locally to develop and build your app. Using the CLI is required for React Static to function properly.

To install the CLI globally:

$ yarn global add react-static
# or
$ npm install -g react-static

Using the global CLI to create your projects automatically installs react-static's dependencies to every project you create with it. However, if you ever need to manually install the CLI to an existing project, do the following:

$ yarn add react-static
# or
$ npm install react-static

react-static create

Creates a new react-static project.

  • Prompts for a project name/location

  • Prompts to select one of the templates located in this repository's examples/ directory, or you may select custom and enter in a git repository to use in the form of owner/repo.

  • Optionally, you may pass in command line arguments to specify the project name and/or template up front.

  • Arguments:

    • --name=$PROJECT_NAME where $PROJECT_NAME is the desired name for your project (no spaces).
    • --template=$TEMPLATE_NAME where $TEMPLATE_NAME can be:
      • The name of the template in the examples directory
      • The full URL of a public git repository
      • The full path to a local directory

react-static start

Starts the development server.

  • Arguments:
    • --config=$config where $config is the path to the static.config.js file to be used.

react-static build

Builds your site for production. Outputs to a dist directory in your project.

  • Arguments:
    • --config=$config where $config is the path to the static.config.js file to be used.
    • --staging - By setting this flag, no siteRoot replacement or path optimizations are performed, allowing a production build of your site to function on localhost more easily. Use this argument to test a production build locally.
    • --debug - By setting this flag, your build will not be uglified allowing you to debug production errors (as long as they are unrelated to minification or uglification)
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