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# Unreleased
# 7.1.0

### New

- `afterBundle` hook added
- `react-static-plugin-evergreen`: A plugin for using evergreen-ui
- `react-static-plugin-stylus` A plugin for using stylus
- Added a styled-components guide
- Added `react-static-plugin-google-tag-manager` to the list of 3rd party plugins

### Improved

- CSS HMR support is now much more reliable.
- `react-static-plugin-mdx`: Allow passing MDX options to webpack loader (e.g. `remarkPlugins` and `rehypePlugins`)
- Failed builds will finally exit with a non-zero status code!
- Updated Typescript Defs
- The latest version of React Static will now be installed with new projects
- Added postcss and autoprefixer to sass plugin
- Less plugin should now build properly
- React-Helmet version was bumped to fix a few upstream issues
- Fix react/react-dom aliases to allow submodules
- Prefetch now uses a proper `data-` prefix

# 7.0.10

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