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React Static - Gentics Mesh Example

This example is based on the React Static basic example and the Gentics Mesh Angular Example.

It uses the following features:

  1. Content tree: organize your content in terms of a content tree, or rather a content node tree. Content nodes can be hierarchically structured if a container schema is provided.
  2. Pretty URLs: instead of relying on UUIDs to link your content, you can use pretty URLs like For each node, Gentics Mesh will provide you with a human readable path.
  3. Navigation Menus: When organizing your content in terms of a content node tree, Gentics Mesh offers you a way of generating your front-end navigation dynamically by querying the available navigation endpoints.
  4. Breadcrumbs: Each node in Gentics Mesh provides information on where it is located within the node tree in terms of its breadcrumb property. The property provides an array of node references representing the path from the current node up to the project root.

How to run the example

This example pull in data from the public instance using anonymous access.

In case you want to use your own locallly running Mesh instance, you can use

  • docker
docker run -p 8080:8080 gentics/mesh-demo
  java -jar mesh-demo-X.X.X.jar

For more details check the Mesh Administration Guide.

Once the Mesh local instance is up and running, edit static.config.js and change

const MESH_HOST = ''


const MESH_HOST = 'http://localhost:8080/'

Then you can start the example with npm start or yarn start which will start a dev server at http://localhost:3000. You can also use npm build or yarn build to build the project to the dist/ directory.

Implementation notes and caveats

All calls to the Mesh API endpoints are made from mesh-api-client.js using anonymous access.

Using the example with React Static

To get started, run react-static create and use the gentics-mesh template.