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Welcome to NP-Hardass' Gentoo Overlay!

Repoman Status: Build Status

Important Note

This overlay contains some system packages like glibc. As such, you should probably consider this overlay to be "unsafe" and treat it as such. To do so for an example package cat-egory/pkgname: # echo "/::np-hardass-overlay" >> /etc/portage/package.mask # echo "cat-egory/pkgname::np-hardass-overlay" >> /etc/portage/package.unmask


This is a list of packages and any associated notes:

Package Description Notes
app-crypt/msed Manage Self Encrypting Drive tool and Pre-Boot-Authentication Image I am the author and maintainer of this ebuild
app-laptop/dellfand Dell laptop fan regulator Copied from foo-overlay
games-action/minecraft A cube based sandbox game Copied from Sabayon, fixed icedtea-bin dependency issue
games-action/minecraft-magiclauncher An alternative launcher for Minecraft
games-roguelike/dwarf-fortress A single-player fantasy game Copied from Sabayon, version bump + amd64 fix
media-sound/pithos A Python GTK Pandora Internet Radio Client Copied from Gentoo, version bump + dependency fixes
net-misc/gopenvpn GTK GUI for OpenVPN Currently has a bug(upstream), editing configurations in the GUI doesn't work
net-misc/linuxptp Precision Time Protocol application Copied from rion
sys-apps/915resolution Utility to patch VBIOS of Intel Chipsets Copied from Gentoo
sys-apps/gprename Perl GUI for batch file/folder renaming Copied from BGO, version bump
www-client/palemoon A Firefox fork Copied from farmboy0, version bump
x11-themes/shiki-colors Shiki-Colors theme for Gnome Copied from Gentoo, MATE dependency hacks


Layman allows for the easy management of overlays.

If you haven’t used layman yet, just run these commands:

emerge -av layman
echo PORTDIR_OVERLAY=\"\" >> /etc/portage/make.conf
echo "source /var/lib/layman/make.conf" >> /etc/make.conf
layman -f

Then you can add this overlay with:

layman -o -f -a np-hardass-overlay

Or the easier to type:

layman -o -f -a np-hardass-overlay

To sync the overlay via layman:

layman -s np-hardass-overlay

To delete the overlay:

layman -d np-hardass-overlay


NP-Hardass' Gentoo Overlay



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