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To host your own repository you would need an HTTP server or a shared folder and the repository XML file. It is also possible to use a local XML file as a repository, but in this case the repository will only be visible from the same computer.

Default Npackd repository

Everybody with a Google account can create packages at

Getting an HTTP server

There are different ways to get an HTTP server:

Windows shares

Just place your repository file on a share and use the following URL syntax to refer to it:


Cloud based solutions


For testing purpose or limited sharing, you may use Dropbox. To do so, simply copy your repository XML in a folder and share this file. In this case, you will be using the web server provided by Dropbox.

Google Drive

Upload a file to your Google Drive folder, share it with everybody and use the URL in the form . ID is here the ID of your file. To find the ID of a file press the right mouse button over a file and choose "Share.../Share...". The shown URL will look like this one: 0Bzt53EW9ybrwTFFUM0NwN2xtaHM is the ID of the file. Although can be used for large files that cannot be scanned for viruses by Google, a warning will be shown. This makes it impossible to host binaries over 25 MB on Google Drive. Additional difficulty is that the URL does not contain the file name and the files downloaded by Npackd would be always named "uc".

Microsoft SkyDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive unfortunately does not provide stable URLs to the public files.

Local repository

Just place your repository somewhere on the disk use the following URL syntax to refer to it: