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Commits on Mar 20, 2011
  1. @ssogabe

    [FIXED JENKINS-6128] NPE during run - fingerprint cleanup thread

    ssogabe authored
        A job without a firstBuild is not causing an NPE anymore.
  2. @ssogabe
  3. @ssogabe
Commits on Mar 19, 2011
  1. @kutzi

    removed unused import

    kutzi authored
  2. @ssogabe

    i18n & l10n(ja) for title.

    ssogabe authored
  3. @olamy

    prevent NPE

    olamy authored
  4. @ssogabe

    i18n &l10n(ja)

    ssogabe authored
  5. @ssogabe

    fixed runtimw exception

    ssogabe authored
  6. @kutzi
  7. @olamy

    display node name too in the log

    olamy authored
  8. @olamy

    more details in the log

    olamy authored
  9. @olamy

    changelog for 9084

    olamy authored
  10. @olamy

    use logger instead of System.out

    olamy authored
  11. @olamy

    [FIXED JENKINS-9084] Regression in jenkins .401 maven plugin - deploy…

    olamy authored
    … to repository post-task
    logic to get remote settings.xml file, test in this order (as maven do)
    1. configured alternateSettings
    2. ~/.m2/settings.xml
    3. $M2_HOME/conf/settings.xml
  12. @kohsuke

    [FIXED JENKINS-9050] Improved the error diagnostics when a remote met…

    kohsuke authored
    …hod call fails to deserialize.
  13. @kohsuke
  14. @ssogabe

    Merge branch 'ja'

    ssogabe authored
  15. @ssogabe

    added japanese localization.

    ssogabe authored
  16. @kohsuke

    [FIXED JENKINS-9062] Fixed a bug in persisting user configuration tha…

    kohsuke authored
    …t causes NPE in some plugins
  17. @kohsuke
  18. @kohsuke
  19. @kohsuke

    Merge branch 'oss'

    kohsuke authored
  20. @kohsuke

    Integrated a module that retains an RSA key pair as an identity.

    kohsuke authored
    This is a proof of concept to core modulizarion (by binary integration.)
    A module is built like a plugin but it's packaged to the war as a
    WEB-INF/lib/*.jar, not as a plugin.
    Compared to plugins, jars integrated in this way do not double-package
    dependency jars, and they are not visible to the users. I plan to try a
    few of these and if it's useful, this could be an useful mechanism for
    modularizing core.
Commits on Mar 18, 2011
  1. @kohsuke
  2. @abayer

    [FIXED JENKINS-9102] Changed buildListTable column name from Date to …

    abayer authored
    …Time Since, to reflect actual content.
  3. @kohsuke
  4. @kohsuke
  5. @kohsuke
  6. @kohsuke

    doc improvement

    kohsuke authored
Commits on Mar 17, 2011
  1. Merge remote branch 'origin'

    Olav Reinert authored
  2. [FIXED JENKINS-9011]: openSUSE: HOME path problem

    Olav Reinert authored
    Added a configuration option to control initialization of the
    environment of the Jenkins server process.
  3. @olamy
  4. openSUSE: Jenkins sysconfig permissions.

    Olav Reinert authored
  5. Merge remote branch 'origin'

    Olav Reinert authored
  6. [FIXED JENKINS-8748]: openSUSE: required JDK

    Olav Reinert authored
    For openSUSE it doesn't make sense to require a specific flavor of JRE
    for Jenkins. Even if the RPM explicitly requires the Oracle JDK, thus
    causing it to be installed together with Jenkins, some previously installed
    JRE may still be used to run Jenkins, due to the update-alternatives(8) setting.
    The JRE to use is a sysadmin issue, and not usually part of the RPM spec.
    I have not been able to reproduce the scenario described by David.
    Installing Jenkins on fresh installs of openSUSE since v11.1 pulls in openJDK
    1.6 with it, with which Jenkins runs just fine. Even on Live CDs.
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