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Apr 02, 2011

  1. tyuki39

    Japanese translation has been modified

    tyuki39 authored

Mar 26, 2011

  1. tyuki39

    Localization for ja

    tyuki39 authored

Mar 05, 2011

  1. Alan Harder

    [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

    alanharder authored
  2. Alan Harder

    [maven-release-plugin] prepare release selenium-1.4

    alanharder authored
  3. Alan Harder

    add github scm info

    alanharder authored
  4. Alan Harder

    update to jenkins, update use of deprecated api in test

    alanharder authored
  5. Alan Harder


    alanharder authored
  6. Alan Harder

    Add .gitignore

    alanharder authored

Jul 27, 2010

  1. clarified documentation, thanks to dhackner:

    (10:54:16 AM) dhackner: All: question about the Hudson Selenium Plugin. I need to get around SSL on our site. The -trustAllSSLCertificates option doesn't appear to do anything, so I believe that an alternate FF profile is the way to go.
    (10:55:29 AM) dhackner: has anybody had any luck doing this? Do I set the "Set -firefoxProfileTemplate" line in Hudson config to a relative path on the slave machines from their grid install?
    (10:56:15 AM) dhackner: The slaves with multiple RCs seem to all try and lock on the profile (even though they make a copy), thus blocking each other
    (10:56:16 AM) kohsuke: I remember putting something about into help about how the path is resolved
    (10:56:46 AM) kohsuke: ah, so that's why people cared about this.
    (10:57:06 AM) dhackner: right. If trustAllSSL worked it would be a non-issue
    (10:57:39 AM) dhackner: The help reads: The location of the profile to be used when launching Firefox instances. See also
    (10:58:07 AM) dhackner: the profile I made works fine locally. I'm having trouble determining if the issue lies in my hudson setup or my grid setup
    (10:58:40 AM) dhackner: and if the locking issue might be resolved by hacking my hudson selenium grid plugin to use a newer version (runs 1.0.4, 1.0.8 is currently out)
    (10:59:55 AM) kohsuke: I'm curious why trustAllSSL doesn't work
    (10:59:58 AM) kohsuke: Do you get any errors?
    (11:01:08 AM) dhackner: None that I see. It just still encounters the firefox 3 SSL complaint page. I feel like I read something yesterday by the guy who wrote that option about it being sorta deprecated unless you use a proxy
    (11:03:26 AM) dhackner: The slave logs starting with trustAllSSL in the RC
    (11:05:57 AM) dhackner:
    (11:12:24 AM) mindless: hm, trying svn tagging with "alternate credential" for first time.. not working
    (11:12:41 AM) mindless: "No credential to try. Authentication failed"
    (11:17:03 AM) kohsuke: dhackner: I guess what we should do is to make a copy of the specified firefoxProfileTemplate per RC on the same slave?
    (11:17:07 AM) kohsuke: Would that fix the problem?
    (11:17:27 AM) dhackner: Thats what I've been toying with, and it might fix the locking issue
    (11:17:40 AM) kohsuke: Maybe the plugin needs to define its own way of deploying the profile across the Hudson cluster.
    (11:17:42 AM) dhackner: but I'm still having issues even getting a single RC per slave
    (11:17:46 AM) dhackner: yea
    (11:17:49 AM) dhackner: I think so
    (11:18:09 AM) dhackner: I'm looking into the reasons that acceptSSL isn't working for me
    (11:18:23 AM) dhackner: might be that I should be using *chrome or *pifirefox
    (11:18:49 AM) dhackner: thing is, selenium makes a copy of the profile
    (11:18:57 AM) dhackner: so it should be pretty instant
    (11:19:30 AM) dhackner: and I think that it merges it with a blank FF profile, so really your profile directory only needs cert_override.txt
    (11:28:06 AM) dhackner: haha! that did it!
    (11:28:23 AM) dhackner: they key is to run a proxy-injection browser with -trustAllSSL
    (11:28:43 AM) dhackner: kohsuke, could we alter the help message? I know a lot of people get stuck with this
    (11:28:44 AM) kohsuke: I'm new to *pifirefox
    (11:28:49 AM) dhackner: me too
    (11:28:52 AM) kohsuke: Yes, definitely.
    (11:28:57 AM) kohsuke: Please suggest what we should put there
    (11:29:49 AM) dhackner: actually, I currently only have: ERROR: Failed to load help file: Not Found
    (11:31:36 AM) kohsuke: dhackner: if you can suggest what text we should be putting there I can add it very easily
    (11:31:39 AM) kohsuke: it'd be greatly appreciated
    (11:32:45 AM) dhackner: sure, let me think something up
    (11:34:55 AM) dhackner: I'd say: "Note: the trustAllSSLCertificates option requires a browser in proxy injection mode. The easiest method is to enable this option and change the browser string from *firefox to *pifirefox or *iexplore to *piiexplore"
    (11:36:36 AM) dhackner: actually: "Note: the trustAllSSLCertificates option requires a browser running  in proxy injection mode. Example browsers are *pifirefox for *firefox and *piiexplore for *iexplore"
    (11:36:42 AM) dhackner: bit more concise.
    (11:42:00 AM) dhackner: cool, my first contribution!
    (11:45:41 AM) kohsuke: thanks. I'll add it
    (11:46:08 AM) dhackner: great!
    kohsuke authored

Jun 05, 2010

  1. modified to work with Selenium Grid 1.0.7.

    kohsuke authored
  2. recording a debugger support so that I can resurrect it later

    kohsuke authored

Jun 03, 2010

  1. [FIXED HUDSON-6207] applied the patch with additional modification to…

    … create source bundles.
    kohsuke authored

Apr 29, 2010

  1. Fixed Hudson may select wrong Selenium RC.

    Applied patch for issue HUDSON-4762.
    lkishalmi authored

Feb 16, 2010

  1. Added missing help files for Hub Log Level and trustAllSSLCertificates,

    HUDSON-5372 and HUDSON-5637
    lkishalmi authored
  2. [FIXED HUDSON-5637] Selenium Hub creates excessive logging, please ma…

    …ke the log level configurable.
    Just applied the patch, plus the commit access to lkishalmi is set.
    kohsuke authored

Jan 25, 2010

  1. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

    kohsuke authored
  2. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release selenium-1.3

    kohsuke authored
  3. still haven't figured out how to make this test robust

    kohsuke authored
  4. [FIXED HUDSON-5370] Wait for the launch of selenium hub before we sta…

    …rt RCs.
    kohsuke authored
  5. [FIXED HUDSON-5372] Applied a patch to support -trustAllSSLCertificates

    kohsuke authored

Sep 06, 2009

  1. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

    redsolo authored
  2. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release selenium-1.2

    redsolo authored

Aug 30, 2009

  1. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

    jheymans authored
  2. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release selenium-1.1

    jheymans authored
  3. upgrade selenium-server to latest, parent to latest in preparation fo…

    …r the 1.1 release
    jheymans authored

Aug 26, 2009

  1. upgraded to 1.0.4

    kohsuke authored
  2. deploying 1.0.4

    kohsuke authored

Aug 23, 2009

  1. possibility to exclude nodes from the grid, expose additional RemoteC…

    …ontrol startup options in the configuration page, fixed help pages
    jheymans authored

Aug 01, 2009

  1. bumping up POM version

    kohsuke authored

Jul 24, 2009

  1. bumping up POM version

    kohsuke authored

Jul 18, 2009

  1. bumping up POM version

    kohsuke authored

Jul 11, 2009

  1. bumping up POM version

    kohsuke authored

Jul 03, 2009

  1. bumping up POM version

    kohsuke authored

Jun 27, 2009

  1. bumping up POM version

    kohsuke authored

Jun 23, 2009

  1. bumping up POM version

    kohsuke authored
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