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SmIRCd - Scalarific minimal IRC daemon Build Status

A basic low-feature IRC daemon written in Scala.

You can use any IRC client to connect to SmIRCd. SmIRCd also bundles a basic browser hosted IRC client.

What it does

The following IRC commands are supported:

  • NICK
  • QUIT
  • AWAY
  • MSG
  • JOIN
  • KICK

The following commands are supported but incomplete:

  • LIST

What it doesn't do (yet)

In addition to the commands absent from the above list, notable missing features include:

  • Passwords - SmIRCd ignores any password you send when logging in.
  • Operators - No permissions checks are applied; anyone can do anything.
  • Modes - There are neither user nor channel modes.
  • Multi-Server - SmIRCd is stand-alone, it does not connect with other IRC servers.

Build it!

$ sbt assembly

This creates an executable uberjar.

$ ls target/scala-*/*-assembly-*.jar

Run it!

$ java -jar target/scala-2.11/smircd-assembly-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

This starts SmIRCd listening on port 6667 and blocks until you press Ctrl+C.

Optional command line arguments are:

$ java -jar <jar> [--port p] [--logLevel ALL|TRACE|DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR]

--port     Listening port, defaults to 6667
--logLevel Logging verbosity, defaults to INFO

Use it!

Once SmIRCd is running, point your browser to http://localhost:6667 to use the embedded browser based IRC client. Or, use your favorite dedicated IRC client - SmIRCd uses the same port for IRC traffic and HTTP. Note that the browser client requires Websocket support.


Apache 2.0, see the LICENSE file.