An application for session management that relaunches crashing applications
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SesMgr is an application designed to create a sessions and kill launched applications on exit. Additionally, it relaunches applications when they exit.


The session definition is done by means of a python file, such as for instance:

#!/usr/bin/env python2
from sessionmanager import Application, Session, makeApps

configs = (
#Format: (application, dialog, retries, interval, stdout, stderr)
	("openbox", ""),
	("xfce4-panel", "", False, 0),

#Visual Stuff
	("unclutter", -idle 5"),
	("xcompmgr", "-c -s -fF -n -I 0.4 -D 5")

defaults = (True, 1, 1)
Session(makeApps(configs, defaults, log_dir=None))