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99 bottles of beer lyrics in Apache Sling

proposal for a candidate of leveraging:

mvn clean install content-package

in gogo shell, run the following command that parses the website and creates /var/bottles tree

run egrep '' @ name bottles @ with 'pattern=(?<number>\d(\d)?) bottle(s)? of beer on the wall,' / mkdir '/var/bottles/${bottles.number}' / write 'onTheWall=${bottles.number}' 'offTheWall=${Number(bottles.number)-1}' 'sling:resourceType=bottles/line'

in your favourite groovy console, run the following groovy script, build a list pipe like this one:

def plumber = getService("");

  .outputs("On the Wall!",'${line.onTheWall}')

check that list pipe is working my running following queries:

GET /services/adapt/list.csv?size=99

GET /services/adapt/list.json

now, back in gogo, add a subnode to describe the song component how to search for lines

run mkdir /var/bottles/pipes/lines / write "sling:resourceType=slingPipes/reference" "expr=/services/adapt/list"

still in gogo run that command that will set resource type of the song, allow access to user imccoy, and package up bottles for safety

run echo /var/bottles / write 'sling:resourceType=bottles/song' / allow imccoy / pkg /etc/packages/

Now enjoy the lyrics of the song by accessing

GET /var/bottles.html

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