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This is the site generator for the DFW.pm group. The site is data driven via
a small sqlite db that is stored in git. There is a small local Web::Simple
based application that is used to make changes to the database. Or you can 
manually edit the db yourself with whatever tool you'd like. Just make sure
that you git add the change, commit it, and update the Changes file.

There are two main tables, contacts, which is used to populate the contacts 
page, and meetings which is used to populate the various sub group meetings
specifics pages. The latest entry in the meetings table for a particular sub
group will be considered the "next" meeting.

Those are really the only "dynamic" pages in the site. The rest should be
dumb HTML.

If you use the Web::Simple app, you will need to have Git installed. Each db
change will commit to the repo and be annotated in the Changes file.

To make sure you have the prerequisites to run the db manipulator, and also
compile the site, install Dist::Zilla, and Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::DFW.
Then in the project directory, simply run "dzil listdeps | cpanm".

Make your changes, and then run "dzil release"

To do a release, you will need to have ~/.dfw.pm.webdav file with your
username and password.

The release process will check, tag, and push the changes back up to github,
in addition to uploading the result via WebDAV to make the site live.