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Welcome to MarkUs

MarkUs (pronounced "mark us") is an open-source tool which recreates the ease and flexibility of grading assignments with pen on paper, within a web application. It also allows students and instructors to form groups, and collaborate on assignments. It's predecessor OLM (Online Marking) was originally written in Python on top of the TurboGears framework.

The MarkUs project is a re-implementation of the Online Marking system using Ruby on Rails. The goal of this project is to take what we learned from OLM and our forays into Web-CAT, and build a web-based marking tool that includes an early submission and testing system in support of test driven development.

Project Resources


MarkUs Developer Installation Guides


Mac OS X

  • [[Setting up a development environment on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) | InstallationMacOsX]]


(Note: GNU/Linux and Mac OS X development environments generally caused less problems)

  • [[Setting up a development environment on Windows using InstantRails | InstallationWindows]]


MarkUs Developer Documentation

Project Vitals

Repository: Create a Github account and fork MarkUsProject/MarkUs (see Github help for more info).

Mailing list address: markus-dev@cs.toronto.edu

Mailing list archive at marc.info

Project Contributors

Adam Goucher, Alexandre Lissy, Amanda Manarin, Andrew Louis, Anthony Le Jallé, Anton Braverman, Benjamin Thorent, Benjamin Vialle, Bertan Guven, Brian Xu, Bryan Shen, Catherine Fawcett, Christian Jacques, Clément Delafargue, Clément Schiano, Danesh Dadachanji, Diane Tam, Dina Sabie, Evan Browning, Farah Juma, Fernando Garces, Gabriel Roy-Lortie, Geoffrey Flores, Horatiu Halmaghi, Ibrahim Shahin, Jérôme Gazel, Jiahui Xu, Joseph Mate, Joseph Maté, Justin Foong, Karel Kahula, Kurtis Schmidt, Mélanie Gaudet, Michael Lumbroso, Mike Conley, Mike Gunderloy, Misa Sakamoto, Neha Kumar, Nelle Varoquaux, Nicolas Carougeau, Noé Bedetti, Oloruntobi Ogunbiyi, Robert Burke, Samuel Gougeon, Severin Gehwolf, Shion Kashimura, Simon Lavigne-Giroux, Tara Clark, Valentin Roger, Veronica Wong, Victoria Mui, Victor Ivri, Vivien Suen, Yansong Zang

Supervisors: Morgan Magnin, Karen Reid

Term Work

Everything a Developer Needs to Know about Ruby, Ruby on Rails and MarkUs

MarkUs Deployment Documents (Installation Instructions for MarkUs using RAILS_ENV=production)

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