Tools to integrate MapBox with Google Docs
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Geo for Google Docs

Read the blog post & instructions for using this system.

A MapBox Project

Geo for Google Docs is a set of tools that make it easy to use data from Google Docs Spreadsheets in TileMill, an open source map design studio.


  • Export spreadsheet data to GeoJSON Any spreadsheet with geocodes (longitude and latitude coordinates) can be exported to a TileMill-ready file. After exporting, just copy the GeoJSON file to your TileMill/files/data directory.
  • Geocode arbitrary addresses If your spreadsheet does not have geocodes, you can add them using a geocoding service like those provided by Yahoo PlaceFinder or MapQuest Nominatim. Consult these services for their terms of use.


  • Copy the source of mapbox.js
  • Open your spreadsheet and goto tools > script editor
  • Replace the content in the text box with the copied source from mapbox.js
  • Set the name of this script to geo
  • Go to file > save and close the popup window
  • Refresh your spreadsheet and you will see a new menu called Geo added after Help on the menu bar