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#!/bin/bash source-this-script
[ "$BASH_VERSION" ] || return
local cur prev opts
local -r OPTS="-@ -@@ -+ -++ -d -f -h -p -P -PP -a -n -t -v -vv -V -x"
local -r COMMANDS="\
add a addto addm append app archive command del \
rm depri dp do help list ls listaddons listall lsa listcon \
lsc listfile lf listpri lsp listproj lsprj move \
mv prepend prep pri p replace report shorthelp"
local -r MOVE_COMMAND_PATTERN='^(move|mv)$'
local _todo_sh=${}
local completions
if [ $COMP_CWORD -eq 1 ]; then
completions="$COMMANDS $(eval TODOTXT_VERBOSE=0 $_todo_sh command listaddons) $OPTS"
elif [[ $COMP_CWORD -gt 2 && ( \
# "move ITEM# DEST [SRC]" has file arguments on positions 2 and 3.
completions=$(eval TODOTXT_VERBOSE=0 $_todo_sh command listfile)
case "$prev" in
completions="$COMMANDS $(eval TODOTXT_VERBOSE=0 $_todo_sh command listaddons)";;
completions=$(eval TODOTXT_VERBOSE=0 $_todo_sh command listfile);;
-*) completions="$COMMANDS $(eval TODOTXT_VERBOSE=0 $_todo_sh command listaddons) $OPTS";;
*) case "$cur" in
+*) completions=$(eval TODOTXT_VERBOSE=0 $_todo_sh command listproj)
COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -W "$completions" -- $cur ))
[ ${#COMPREPLY[@]} -gt 0 ] && return 0
# Fall back to projects extracted from done tasks.
completions=$(eval 'TODOTXT_VERBOSE=0 TODOTXT_SOURCEVAR=\$DONE_FILE' $_todo_sh command listproj)
@*) completions=$(eval TODOTXT_VERBOSE=0 $_todo_sh command listcon)
COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -W "$completions" -- $cur ))
[ ${#COMPREPLY[@]} -gt 0 ] && return 0
# Fall back to contexts extracted from done tasks.
completions=$(eval 'TODOTXT_VERBOSE=0 TODOTXT_SOURCEVAR=\$DONE_FILE' $_todo_sh command listcon)
*) if [[ "$cur" =~ ^[0-9]+$ ]]; then
# Remove the (padded) task number; we prepend the
# user-provided $cur instead.
# Remove the timestamp prepended by the -t option,
# and the done date (for done tasks); there's no
# todo.txt option for that yet.
# But keep priority and "x"; they're short and may
# provide useful context.
# Remove any trailing whitespace; the Bash
# completion inserts a trailing space itself.
# Finally, limit the output to a single line just as
# a safety check of the ls action output.
local todo=$( \
eval TODOTXT_VERBOSE=0 $_todo_sh '-@ -+ -p -x command ls "^ *${cur} "' | \
sed -e 's/^ *[0-9]\{1,\} //' -e 's/^\((.) \)\{0,1\}[0-9]\{2,4\}-[0-9]\{2\}-[0-9]\{2\} /\1/' \
-e 's/^\([xX] \)\([0-9]\{2,4\}-[0-9]\{2\}-[0-9]\{2\} \)\{1,2\}/\1/' \
-e 's/[[:space:]]*$//' \
-e '1q' \
# Append task text as a shell comment. This
# completion can be a safety check before a
# destructive todo.txt operation.
[ "$todo" ] && COMPREPLY[0]="$cur # $todo"
return 0
return 0
COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -W "$completions" -- $cur ))
return 0
complete -F _todo
# If you define an alias (e.g. "t") to, you need to explicitly enable
# completion for it, too:
#complete -F _todo t
# It is recommended to put this line next to your alias definition in your
# ~/.bashrc (or wherever else you're defining your alias). If you simply
# uncomment it here, you will need to redo this on every todo.txt update!
# If you have renamed the executable, or if it is not accessible through
# PATH, you need to add and use a wrapper completion function, like this:
# local _todo_sh='/path/to/'
# _todo "$@"
#complete -F _todoElsewhere /path/to/
# If you use aliases to use different configuration(s), you need to add and use
# a wrapper completion function for each configuration if you want to complete
# fron the actual configured task locations:
#alias todo2=' -d "$HOME/todo2.cfg"'
# local _todo_sh=' -d "$HOME/todo2.cfg"'
# _todo "$@"
#complete -F _todo2 todo2
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