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@npge-bot npge-bot released this 29 Oct 22:58
· 263 commits to master since this release

Release 0.5.1

Bug fixes and few improvements.

  • Pangenome: join collinear blocks even if bad.
  • Fix intermediate fragments joining. This bug was
    introduced in 2c76b51
    (2015-05-16), version 0.4.0 (2015-06-12).
  • Update requirements of a good pangenome in
    according to what is implemented now.
  • Genes-vs-blocks partition: print only locus_tag.
  • GUI: jump to fragment end if there is no gene end.
  • Info: print % of NPG for total blocks length.
  • Recognize lua-npge format of Fragment id encoding.
  • Download compressed files from the database.
  • Fix errors in GetData and AddGenes.
  • AddGenes: skip repeated locus_tag.
  • Fix some build issues on various setups.
  • meta_test: ignore directories without script.npge.
  • Setup Travis for cross-compiling to Windows (MXE).
  • Setup Travis for uploading build artifacts to GitHub.
  • Update BLAST in the distribution to 2.2.31.

Download binary files for your operating system. See links below.
Warning: the Windows build doesn't work! Please use Windows files from release 0.5.2.