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Removed compatibility notes about SSL renegotiation

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Additional known issues:

* If you want to connect over SSL, your connection string must contain `Server Compatibility Mode=Redshift`, otherwise you'll get a connection
error about `ssl_renegotiation_limit`.
* Entity Framework with database-computed identity values don't work with Redshift, since it doesn't support sequences
(see issue [#544](

## DigitalOcean Managed Database

DigitalOcean's Managed Database services requires you to connect to PostgreSQL over SSL. Unfortunately when you enable it in your connection string, you will get the same error regarding `ssl_renegotiation_limit` as Amazon Redshift. The Redshift compatibility mode setting resolves the issue on DigitalOcean.

## pgbouncer

Npgsql works well with PgBouncer, but there are some quirks to be aware of.

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