Policy DLL on NuGet package is not valid. #24

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yfakariya commented Jun 9, 2013


This pull request is not related to previous one. This is related to NuGet packaging.
Excuse me consecutive tiny pull requests.

On NuGet package, there are 2 issues I found:

  1. DLLs on clr11 directory are not built for CLR 1.1. They are built for CLR 2.0, so it should not be work. In the first place, is clr11 support necessary? Because NuGet does not support CLR 1.1 environment, they should be released on other format like a zip archive. So I didn't make any patch for this issue.

  2. Policy dlls on clr20 directory and clr35 directory are not built for CLR 2 (npgsql.dll their self are built correctly -- only policy.2.0.Npgsql.dlls are not correct). I found that src/policyFileBuild.bat used al.exe and it was depending on path environment variable, but there were two al.exe on .net 4 devenvs, one was for clr2 and another was for clr4. In addition, I also found al.exe for clr 4 was used when we specify al.exe without file path on sdk/visual studio command prompt. I made a patch for this issue which fixes policyFileBuild.bat to use fully file path of al.exe.

Hi, @yfakariya ! Thank you for your contribution on that.

I have a question:
I may be missing something, but how the user will know which path use for the WindowsSdkDir_35 variable?

I noticed on my dev vm, that this path is c:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A, but I only could point it out because I looked for the al.exe file with a dir al.exe /s . Is this the correct way to find this path?


yfakariya replied Jun 11, 2013

Hi, @franciscojunior .

Sorry, I should check another environment.

In my VS2012 environment, a value of %WindowsSdkDir_35% is %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\Bin\ .
(and I noticed that a value of %WindowsSDKDir% is same as your value in VS2010 enviroment on another machine.)

Could you check my new fix? I added some consideration for vs2010 environment, so it will work on your machine.


franciscojunior commented Jun 10, 2013

Hi, @yfakariya ! You are right about the clr11 directory. I'll remove it.


franciscojunior commented Jun 12, 2013

Great work, Yusuke! Your changes worked ok in my vs2010 dev env.

@franciscojunior franciscojunior added a commit that referenced this pull request Jun 12, 2013

@franciscojunior franciscojunior Merge pull request #24 from yfakariya/fix-policy-dll
Policy DLL on NuGet package is not valid.

@franciscojunior franciscojunior merged commit 17ad626 into npgsql:master Jun 12, 2013

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