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Native LV2 port of the famous mdaEPiano VSTi

Port Author: rekado Based on:

mdaEPiano Author: Paul Kellett (



This is an attempt to port the mdaEPiano VSTi plugin to the LV2 plugin platform. So far it seems to work quite well. It responds to common MIDI events, generates sounds and sounds very much like the original---that is because most of the sound-generating code has been taken from Paul Kellett's source code. I'd like to thank Paul Kellett for his decision to put the plugin's source code under a free license (see LICENSE for more info).


To compile the plugin, just execute the following statement:

make && sudo make install

This will copy the compiled plugin to /usr/local/lib/lv2.

NOTE: you will need larsl's lv2-c++-tools to compile this plugin:


At the current stage you will need an LV2 host to use the plugin. I'm using lv2_jack_host during development:


You should now be able to connect your MIDI device to the plugin via JACK. Also don't forget to connect the plugin's stereo output to your system's outputs:

jack_connect system:playback_1 mdaEPiano:left
jack_connect system:playback_2 mdaEPiano:right

At least this is what I do on my system. I provide a simple connect script with the code which does these things automatically.

Known Issues

None. Only missing features:

  • proper note stealing as in the original
  • GUI (I don't need it)
  • saving and importing of presets (should be handled by the host)


The original mda VST plug-ins by Paul Kellett are released under the MIT license or under the GPL "either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version". The LV2 port of the mdaEPiano plugin by rekado is released under the same licenses.