A validator for jQuery UI.
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jQuery.ui.validate.validators holds a repository of validation objects, which
are registered via:


Basic Use


The following options (listed with their defaults)
are available to the validate:
checkSubmit: if true, the form will be validated before submitting (default true)
parentSelector: if supplied, ui-state-error will be applied to this parent instead of the input (default false)
text: display text as "tagname" or as "title" on icon (default "span")
submitSuccess: if checkSubmit, submitSuccess will be called if the form is valid
submitFailure: if checkSubmit, submitFailure will be called if the form is invalid

Apply classes to your form fields as you wish. A validation check gets run
each time a validate field is blurred (clicked away from), as well as when
the form is submitted.

Current standard validation classes include:

vaild-alphabetical: only letters
valid-alpha-spaces: only letters and spaces
valid-alpha-numeric: only letters and numbers
valid-alpha-num-spaces: only letters, numbers, and spaces
valid-verify-password: must be identical to the "validate-password" field
valid-integer: must be an integer (whole number) (note, does not validate byte size)
valid-float: must be a floating point (decimal) number (note, does not validate byte size)
valid-ip-address: must be a valid ip address format (does not do sanity checking)
valid-us-phone: must be a U.S. phone number, format (123) 456-7890
valid-street-address: tries to validate against all common street address formats (take it or leave it)
valid-us-currency: a dollar amount
valid-na-postal: valid U.S. / Canada postal code
valid-url: validates urls according to the official spec
valid-email-address: validates email addresses according to the official spec
valid-minimum: mjust meet a min char length according to a rel="minimum:x" attribute
valid-select-option: selected option must not have an empty value

To create your own validator, use:

var properties = {
	classname:, // the class name for a form field to bind to
	regexp:, // a regular expression string to validate for
	text:, // help text when the string is invalid
	callback:, // a callback function for additional logic


Or alternatively, on your already-initialized object,

jQuery(selector).validate("register", properties);

You must have either a regexp or a callback, but you need not supply both.
The callback function accepts a reference to the field to be validated and
returns a boolean - true if validation was successful, false if not.

Note in most circumstances you'll want to make your regexp pass on an empty
field, so that you don't conflict with valid-required. The easiest way to
do that is to surround it with a 0-1 quantified subpattern. For instance
^.*$ becomes ^(.*)?$ 

This allows your validator to operate as a non-required field while still
strictly validating against your subpattern when there is content.

You can easily specify elements for the validator to skip using the
validate-skip class. The purpose of this class is to allow you to toggle items
on and off without togglign off their validation types (for instance if
certain sections of your form may be hidden or irrelevant and don't always
need to be validated).