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1 parent 9983cb6 commit 1f50860904feabe96360e5dcdee2356b674c91d0 @npinto committed Jul 17, 2012
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4 Makefile
@@ -692,8 +692,8 @@ opencl: install/opencl
install/cuda: install/portage-dirs install/layman install/nvidia-drivers install/nvidia-settings install/overlay-sekyfsr
cp -f {files,${EPREFIX}}/etc/portage/package.keywords/${me}
cp -f {files,${EPREFIX}}/etc/portage/package.use/${me}
- ${EMERGE} -uN -q -j '=dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit-4.2'
- ${EMERGE} -uN -q -j '=dev-util/nvidia-cuda-sdk-4.2'
+ ${EMERGE} -uN -q -j '=dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit-4.2.9'
+ ${EMERGE} -uN -q -j '=dev-util/nvidia-cuda-sdk-4.2.9'
${EMERGE} -uN -q -j dev-util/nvidia-cuda-tdk
make module-rebuild
touch $@

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