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- Stefan van der Walt
Project coordination
- Nicolas Pinto
Colour spaces and filters.
Shape views: ``util.shape.view_as_windows`` and ``util.shape.view_as_blocks``
Montage helpers: ``util.montage``
- Damian Eads
Morphological operators
- Mahipal Raythattha
Documentation infrastructure
- S. Chris Colbert
OpenCV wrappers, Scivi, Qt and Gtk gui bits, fast Hough transform,
and much more.
- Holger Rapp
OpenCV functions and better OSX library loader
- Ralf Gommers
Image IO, color spaces, plots in documentation, cleaner API docs
- Helge Reikeras
Logic around API docs generation
- Tony Yu
Reading of paletted images; build, bug and doc fixes.
Code to generate skimage logo.
Otsu thresholding, histogram equalisation, template matching, and more.
- Zachary Pincus
Tracing of low cost paths, FreeImage I/O plugin, iso-contours,
and more.
- Almar Klein
Binary heap class for graph algorithms
- Lee Kamentsky and Thouis Jones of the CellProfiler team, Broad Institute, MIT
Constant time per pixel median filter, edge detectors, and more.
- Dan Farmer
Incorporating CellProfiler's Canny edge detector, ctypes loader with Windows
- Pieter Holtzhausen
Incorporating CellProfiler's Sobel edge detector, build and bug fixes.
Radon transform, template matching.
- Emmanuelle Guillart
Total variation noise filtering, integration of CellProfiler's
mathematical morphology tools, random walker segmentation,
tutorials, and more.
- Maël Primet
Total variation noise filtering
- Martin Bergholdt
Fix missing math.h functions in Windows 7 + MSVCC.
- Neil Muller
Numerous fixes, including those for Python 3 compatibility,
QT image reading.
- The IPython team
From whom we borrowed the github+web tools / style.
- Kyle Mandli
CSV to ReST code for feature comparison table.
- The Scikit Learn team
From whom we borrowed the example generation tools.
- Andreas Mueller
Example data set loader.
- Yaroslav Halchenko
For sharing his expert advice on Debian packaging.
- Brian Holt
Histograms of Oriented Gradients
- David-Warde Farley, Sturla Molden
Bresenheim line drawing, from snippets on numpy-discussion.
- Christoph Gohlke
Windows packaging and Python 3 compatibility.
- Neil Yager
Skeletonization and grey level co-occurrence matrices.
- Nelle Varoquaux
Renaming of the package to ``skimage``.
Harris corner detector
- W. Randolph Franklin
Point in polygon test.
- Gaël Varoquaux
Harris corner detector
- Nicolas Poilvert
Shape views: ``util.shape.view_as_windows`` and ``util.shape.view_as_blocks``
- Johannes Schönberger
Polygon, circle and ellipse drawing functions
Adaptive thresholding
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