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SEKYFSR Gentoo Overlay
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app-arch ENH: add app-arch from gentoo-kr
app-benchmarks ENH: add glmark2
app-misc ENH: add app-misc from bitcoin
app-portage/g-pypi MISC: update manifest, update g-pypi
app-text ENH: add app-text from maksbotan
dev-db/rethinkdb FIX: various on flann
dev-lang/icc FIX: intel-common and icc
dev-libs/intel-common FIX: intel-common and icc
dev-python FIX: various on flann
dev-ruby/ruby_protobuf ENH: add protobuf ruby
dev-util ENH: add newest intel opencl sdk
eclass ENH: add cuda 5.0
external MISC: add external overlay 'science'
media-gfx/megapov megapov: add patches
media-libs Various updates
metadata Add science's layout.conf
net-misc ENH: add stuff from gentoo-overlays-coins
net-p2p ENH: add stuff from gentoo-overlays-coins
profiles Add repo_name
sci-libs ENH: add flann
sys-block/megacli BUG: fix megacli 3.x kernel bugs, bump to 8.03.x, LSI needs to be mor…
sys-cluster ENH: add torque-3.0.5
x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers ENH: add CUDA 4.2 related stuff
x11-libs/pango ENH: add pango
.gitignore ENH: add cuda_memtest-1.2.2
.gitmodules MISC: add external overlay 'science' FIX: remove laflamme, add prof. s ;-)
overlay.xml FIX: overlay.xml now contains the right overlay name ;-)


Gentoo Overlay by Nicolas Pinto


Use at your own risks -- be careful, it could break your leg.


Option 1: using layman

a. install layman:

emerge layman
echo 'source /var/lib/layman/make.conf' >> /etc/make.conf

b. add the 'sekyfsr' overlay:

layman -a sekyfsr


layman -o -f -a sekyfsr

c. sync overlays:

layman -S

d. install:

emerge package_name

Option 2: manually

  1. git clone git://
  2. Add to /etc/make.conf: PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/path/to/overlay"
  3. Edit /etc/portage/package.keywords/package_name and unmask desired packages
  4. Install with emerge package_name
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