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cross platform audio file loading for openFrameworks
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cross platform audio file loading addon for openFrameworks, wrapping dr_wav, dr_mp3, dr_flac and stb_vorbis, so you can read Wav, mp3, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis. Works on Linux (desktop and raspberry pi), Windows, OSX, Android and iOS. This addon does not play back samples, it just let you access the float values of the audio file waveform. For sample playing you could use the oF included classes or for more advanced sample playback you could try ofxPDSP.

As just standard c++ headers are needed for compiling this addon, it should be also possible to use it without openFrameworks.

Example app loads a mp3 file, or you can drag and drop files in the window if your platform let you do that.


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As all those libraries are public domain, also this addon have an unlicense.

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