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easy openFrameworks API for Novation Launch Control / XL
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This addon binds ofParameters floats, ints or bools to a Novation Launch Control or Launch Control XL midi controller. By having a ofxLaunchControl lc object binding the first knob to control one of yours parameter isn't harder than:

    lc.knob( 0, yourParameter);

now the first upper knob of the Launch Control controls your ofParameter using its min and max range.
You can specify minimum and maximum ranges:

    lc.knob( 0, yourFloatParameter, 0.1f, 23.5f);

now values ranging from 0.1 to 23.5 are assigned to your parameter when you turn the knob.

On the Launch Control XL you also have a fader method, that works in the same way as knob:

    lcXL.fader( 3, yourParameter ); // maps the fourth fader to your parameter

You can also bind a knob to multiple values:

    lc.knob( 0, yourFloatParameter, 0.1f, 23.5f);
    lc.knob( 0, yourIntParameter, 20, 35 );
    lc.knob( 0, stillAnotherParameter );

You can map buttons to floats, int or bool and they will lit to give you visual feedback. Here some useful methods:

    lc.momentary( 1, yourFloatParameter, 0.2f, 1.1f ); // second button, 1.1 when pressed, 0.2 when released
    lc.toggle( 2, yourBoolParameter );  // third button, true/false toggle 4, 7, yourIntValue );   // buttons 4-5-6-7 mapped as radio buttons to int values 0-1-2-3

The movement of the knobs is also slewed using a simple easing algorhytm. By default the easing value is 0.5, you can also set it or deactivate it:

    lc.easing( 0.2f ); // slower easing 
    lc.disableEasing(); // easing off

There's nothing harder then that. Have fun and remember to close you midi controllers when your applications quits:


Requires ofxMidi.

Nicola Pisanti, MIT License 2018.

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