rPi and oF based device to elaborate piezo sensors signals and transmit them over OSC
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This is a system composed by a shield to mount on the rPi, a server application running on the rPi to elaborate signals and a client side calibration utility.

You need oF 0.9.8, and on the rPi you also need ofxGPIO.

The server app has to be running on the raspberry pi. You have to edit the bin/data/ip.xml file to setup the port and the ip of your desktop for the calibration. Then you have to run the calibrate app on the desktop. Set the IP of the raspberry pi in the bin/data/ip.xml file in the app folder. In this app you can enable and disable the single piezos and set up the thresholds for triggering. You can also enable and set up the envelope follower for each piezo.
If the destination for the OSC messages is different from your desktop you can now edit the ip.xml file again and then relaunch the server app, otherwise you should just start your client app and parse the OSC messages as you wish. For more info on how to build the hardware, go into the hardware folder.

perfboard prototype:
alt tag

calibration utility:
alt tag