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Simple Command Line Tool for Testing WebRTC Datachannels
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Simple Command Line Tool for Testing WebRTC Datachannels (dctt)

This is a simple command line tool implementing the WebRTC datachannels using a kernel SCTP stack. Therefore there is no support for DTLS and ICE. This tool runs on FreeBSD and Mac OS X (by using the SCTP NKE). Neither Linux nor Solaris is supported, since these implementations lack support of RFC6525 and RFC7496.

It implements [DataChannel] ( and DECP. Both Internet Drafts are in the RFC Editors queue. Support for I-DATA is being developed.

Building on FreeBSD

cc -g -Wall -std=c99 -pedantic -o dctt -pthread dctt.c

Building on Mac OS X

cc -g -Wall -std=c99 -pedantic -o dctt -lsctp dctt.c


Currently only SCTP/IPV4 is supported. Neither SCTP/IPV6 nor UDP encapsulation as specified in RFC6951 is currently supported. You can run the tool as an SCTP server by using

./dctt local_port

The server will bind to all available IPv4 addresses and local_port.

For using it as a client issue

./dctt remote_addr remote_port [local_port]

The client will bind to all local addresses and an ephemeral port or local_port if set and initiate an SCTP association towards the IPv4 address remote_addr and the port remote_port.

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