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librtcdc is a tiny WebRTC DataChannel implementation that works everywhere.
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librtcdc is a tiny WebRTC DataChannel implementation that works everywhere (Beta).


  • Tiny <2k LOC, easy to understand/bind/extend
  • Talks with each other, latest Chrome/Chromium, Firefox, Opera?, Safari?
  • 'Official' Python binding
  • Lack of docs


Python demo

import pyrtcdc
from pyrtcdc import PeerConnection

# called when the channel received a message
def on_message(channel, datatype, data):
    print 'received data from channel %s: %s' %(channel.label, data)
    channel.send(pyrtcdc.DATATYPE_STRING, 'Roger')

# called when a channel is created by the remote peer
def on_channel(peer, channel):
    print 'channel %s created' %(channel.label)
    channel.on_message = on_message

# called when a new local candidate is found
def on_candidate(peer, candidate):
    print 'local candidate sdp:\n%s' %(candidate)

# called when connected to remote peer
def on_connect(peer):
  peer.create_data_channel('demo', on_open=on_open)

# called when channel is opened
def on_open(channel):
  channel.on_message = on_message
  channel.send(pyrtcdc.DATATYPE_STRING, 'Hi')

peer = PeerConnection(on_channel, on_candidate, stun_server='')

# generate local offer sdp and start candidates gathering
offer = peer.generate_offer()

# offer/answer/candidates signalling here (or somewhere)
# ...

# running until the sun cools


BSD 2-Clause

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