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A port of phttpget.c adding SCTP support is provided in the file phttpget.c. It runs on FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS X (using the SCTP NKE), and Solaris. It uses HTTP 1.1 and supports pipelining.

The transport protocol can be selected by setting the HTTP_TRANSPORT_PROTOCOL environment variable. Supported values are TCP and SCTP. If the variable is not set, TCP is used.

The remote UDP encapsulation port can be configured by setting the HTTP_SCTP_UDP_ENCAPS_PORT environment variable. Supported values are 0, ..., 65535. If it is unset or set to 0, no UDP encapsulation is used. Please note that for using UDP encapsulation, the local UDP encapsulation port must also be set to a non-zero value. You can use sudo sysctl -w net.inet.sctp.udp_tunneling_port=9899 on FreeBSD. Please note that UDP encapsulation is only supported on FreeBSD and MacOS X (with the SCTP NKE).

The following example should work on FreeBSD using a tcsh:

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