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SCTP Testsuite

The tests are based on the ETSI test specification ETSI TS 102 369.

This tool uses guile and its extension This tool uses stt. Please see README for installation instructions.


For downloading the tool and the tests run

git clone
cd sctp-testtool

and change the line in dotstt.scm

(define dir "/Users/tuexen/Documents/sctp-tests/")

to reflect the location of the sctp-tests directory and run

cp dotstt.scm ~/.stt.scm


The test tool is configured by editing the file sctp-param-testtool.scm. You can change the IP-address and SCTP port numbers used by the test tool and the system under test by modifying the entries:

(define sut-addr (make-ipv4-address ""))
(define sut-port 80)


(define tester-port 5001)
(define tester-addr-1 (make-ipv4-address ""))
(define tester-addr-2 (make-ipv4-address ""))

The upper layer protocol is specified in the line

(define upper-layer-protocol ulp-echo)

Possible values are

  • ulp-diameter for the diameter protocol
  • ulp-echo for the echo protocol
  • ulp-m3ua for the M3UA protocol
  • ulp-s1ap for the S1AP protocol

You also need to specify if the system under tests acts as an SCTP client or server:

(define sut-is-server #t)

You can also specify several other parameters.


On Linux, SCTP support is implemented via a loadable kernel module. When using stt, ensure that the kernel module is not loaded.

You can run specfic tests using the runsctptest. For example, to run the sctp-as-v-1-1-1 test, execute

runsctptest sctp-as-v-1-1-1

You can also run a selection of client tests by using the tcsh script


or a selection of server tests by running the tcsh script

sctp-tests sctp-server-tests

Please note that you must verify the verdict by double checking the message flows. This can be done by using a protocol analyzer like Wireshark.


An implementation of SCTP Conformance Tests according to ETSI TS 102 369 for stt




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