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NPL Language tutorials
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NPL Tutorials


Welcome to NPL Hands-On tutorial. To help you better understand NPL language and its powerful constructs we have developed NPL Tutorials. These tutorials are categorized into two sets.

NPL Tidbits

These are simple and comprehensive examples to understand constructs in NPL language.

Basic Switch Forwarding

These are switch forwarding examples to make you experience a very simple Layer-2 and Layer-3 flows.

How to get a Working Environment

To accelerate your experience on Hands-on tutorial, we have prepared complete test environment in a virtual machine.

Steps to use Virtual Machiene.

  • Download VirtualBox
  • Download Virtual Appliance File
  • Import virtual Appliance File using VirtualBox Manager
  • Power on appliance after importing OVA file. Appliance is built using Ubuntu Linux 16.04
  • You will be prompted for a password which is "npl"

Quick Introduction to Working Environment

Directory Structure

Each example is written as an individual application. All examples are sharing similar subdirectories as shown below. The major directories include:

  • bm_tests

    This folder provides for generating packets to test this example
  • npl

    This folder contains example programs written in NPL language
npl@npl-VirtualBox:~/ncsc-1.3.3rc4/examples/npl_tidbits/constructs/bus$ tree
├── bm_tests
│   ├── corp_net
│   │   └──
│   └── sf_definition
│       └── bm_sfc.cpp
├── Makefile
├── npl
│   ├── base_helper.npl
│   ├── bus.npl
│   └── config.ini

4 directories, 7 files

NPL Build Environment

Steps to be followed

sudo bash
  Password is “npl”
cd ~/ncsc-1.3.3rc4
source ./bin/

Once the environment is ready, follow the below steps to build and run the NPL examples.

export NPL_EXAMPLES=/home/npl/ncsc-1.3.3rc4/examples/npl_tidbits/constructs
cd $NPL_EXAMPLES/<construct_name> 
make fe_nplsim
make nplsim_comp
make nplsim_run

nplsim_run will open couple of xterm windows. BMODEL and BMCLI. BMODEL is a "Behavior Model" and BMCLI is a "Bheavior Model CLI" which helps to populate table entries for verification.

NOTE: Those two windows might be overlapped. If you don’t see all of them after “make nplsim_run”, please drag and move the window to get access to the windows underneath.

Feedback or Questions

Feedback or questions should be sent to

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