Ansible role for building Nagios 4.
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Ansible Nagios

Ansible role to install Nagios from source.


  • Installs and configures Nagios 4 (not currently available through a PPA).
  • Installs the Pagerduty integration
  • Support for sending notifications via SES
  • Installs NRPE, for performing remote checks.
  • Installs a recent build of nagios-plugins.


Ansible Nagios has some dependencies on other roles, checkout librarian-ansible a great tool for managing Ansible dependencies.


To get things up and running on an Ubuntu machine, here are the variables you will need to set:

nagios_user: nagiosadmin
nagios_password: nagiosadmin
nagios_pagerduty_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
nagios_amdin_name: 'Nagios Admin'

nagios_aws_access_key_id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
nagios_aws_access_key_secret: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

nagios_enable_pagerduty_notifications: true
nagios_enable_ses_notifications: true

legacy: false # set to true, for older builds of Ubuntu like Precise.
  • See /vars/main.yml for more configuration options.

How it Works?

  • Create a playbook that references the nagios role.
  • Set the appropriate variables.
  • Run this role on a clean server.
  • You will now be able to access nagios on the host at https://your-host/nagios.


This Ansible role is designed to be used along with Ansible-Nagios-Config. Use this role to set up Nagios' configuration.


This role has been tested on the following Linux distributions:


  • Precise.
  • Trusty.

Please open an issue if you confirm the role works on other distributions.