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[BUG] the --long command is not giving expected results #2724

PhilipAbed opened this issue Feb 18, 2021 · 2 comments

[BUG] the --long command is not giving expected results #2724

PhilipAbed opened this issue Feb 18, 2021 · 2 comments


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@PhilipAbed PhilipAbed commented Feb 18, 2021

Current Behavior:

im trying to run these flags:
C:\tests\projects\npm\npm7LsSS>npm ls --all --json --long
`npm ERR! Cannot destructure property 'dependencies' of 'node.package' as it is undefined.
"error": {
"code": null,
"summary": "Cannot destructure property 'dependencies' of 'node.package' as it is undefined.",
"detail": ""

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR! C:\Users\PhilipAbed\AppData\Local\npm-cache_logs\2021-02-18T15_01_37_387Z-debug.log`

  1. the --long --json --all parameters were giving me "_deduped" field in the json result.. now it doesnt!
  2. the error you see above is shown differently without the --long flag

Expected Behavior:

on the same project im running npm ls --all --json
without --long

im gettting tree + error stream:

npm ERR! missing: node-sass@^4.0.0, required by sass-loader@8.0.2
npm ERR! missing: sass@^1.3.0, required by sass-loader@8.0.2
  "error": {
    "code": "ELSPROBLEMS",
    "summary": "missing: node-sass@^4.0.0, required by sass-loader@8.0.2\r\nmissing: sass@^1.3.0, required by sass-loader@8.0.2",
    "detail": ""

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR!     C:\Users\PhilipAbed\AppData\Local\npm-cache\_logs\2021-02-18T15_01_23_184Z-debug.log

Steps To Reproduce:

install any dependency using npm install [package]
delete it manually from node_modules
run "npm ls --all --json --long"


  • OS: windows
  • Node: 1.15.7
  • npm: 7.5.1
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@nlf nlf commented Apr 9, 2021

i want to be sure i'm understanding your issue correctly, is the problem only the missing _deduped field in the json result?

i believe that if you update to the latest npm 7 release (7.9.0 as of this moment) that the error you were getting should be fixed, but i want to make sure we're not missing anything here.

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@PhilipAbed PhilipAbed commented Apr 13, 2021

yes its those 2 issues, the error and the missing deduped... i dont care about the deduped anymore i worked around that manually using paths..
so if error is fixed thank you

@darcyclarke darcyclarke added this to the OSS - Sprint 28 milestone Apr 16, 2021
@darcyclarke darcyclarke removed this from the OSS - Sprint 28 milestone Apr 19, 2021
@darcyclarke darcyclarke added this to the OSS - Sprint 29 milestone Apr 19, 2021
@ruyadorno ruyadorno self-assigned this Apr 21, 2021
ruyadorno added a commit to ruyadorno/cli that referenced this issue Apr 21, 2021
Running `npm ls --json --long --all` was broken for any project
containing a missing dependency from the node_modules folder. This
fixes it by avoiding trying to read the extra data required by the
--long option in case a dependency is missing.

Fixes: npm#2724
feelepxyz added a commit to dependabot/dependabot-core that referenced this issue Jul 15, 2021
* [`013f0262d`](npm/cli@013f026)
  fix(exitHandler): write code to logfile
* [`0dd0341ac`](npm/cli@0dd0341)
  fix(ping): make "npm ping" echo a right time
* [`d2e298f3c`](npm/cli@d2e298f)
  fix(deprecate): add undeprecate support


* [`9dd32d08e`](npm/cli@9dd32d0)
  fix(docs): remove npm package config override
* [`a4e095618`](npm/cli@a4e0956)
  fix(docs): remove .hooks scripts

* [`5f8ccccef`](npm/cli@5f8cccc)
  chore(tests): clean snapshot for lib/view.js tests

* [`23ce3af19`](npm/cli@23ce3af)
  feat(ls): report *why* something is invalid

* [`53f81af31`](npm/cli@53f81af)
  fix(docs): Improve phrasing of workspace example
* [`78da60ffe`](npm/cli@78da60f)
  chore(linting): add bin and clean up lib/ls.js
* [`54eae3063`](npm/cli@54eae30)
  chore(errorHandler): rename to exit handler
* [`d0f50b156`](npm/cli@d0f50b1)
  chore(refactor): async npm.load
* [`87f67d9ef`](npm/cli@87f67d9)
  chore(tests): expose real mock npm object
* [`f3dce0917`](npm/cli@f3dce09)
  chore(config): snapshot config descriptions
* [`6254b6f72`](npm/cli@6254b6f)
  @npmcli/package-json refactor

* [`fe4138381`](npm/cli@fe41383)
  * bin: allow turning off timer display with --timers=false
  * fix: do not try to inflate a fresh lockfile
  * fix(diff): walk target children if root is a link
  * chore: @npmcli/package-json refactor

* [`fce30e423`](npm/cli@fce30e4)
  fix(docs): rebuild config docs

* [`ae285b391`](npm/cli@ae285b3)
  feat(ls): support `--package-lock-only` flag
* [`c984fb59c`](npm/cli@c984fb5)
  feat(pack): add pack-destination config

* [`40829ec40`](npm/cli@40829ec)
  fix(link): do not prune packages
* [`102d4e6fb`](npm/cli@102d4e6)
  fix(workspaces): explicitly error in global mode
* [`993df3041`](npm/cli@993df30)
  fix(docs): ls command usage instructions
* [`dcc13662c`](npm/cli@dcc1366)
  fix(config): update link definition
* [`b19e56c2e`](npm/cli@b19e56c)
  fix(ls): respect prod config for workspaces
* [`c99b8b53c`](npm/cli@c99b8b5)
  fix(config): add flatOptions.npxCache
* [`e5abf2a21`](npm/cli@e5abf2a)
  chore(libnpmdiff): added as workspace
* [`c6a8734d7`](npm/cli@c6a8734)
  chore(refactor): finish passing npm context
* [`d16ee452a`](npm/cli@d16ee45)
  chore(tests): use path.resolve

* [`6b951c042`](npm/cli@6b951c0)
    * fix(retrieve-tag): pass match in a way git accepts
* [`de820a021`](npm/cli@de820a0)
  * fix: Make file: URLs (mostly) RFC 8909 compliant
* [`16a95c647`](npm/cli@16a95c6)
    * fix(inventory) handle old and british forms of 'license'
    * fix: removes [_complete] check to apply correct metadata
    * ensure node.fsParent is not set to node itself
    * fix extraneous deps on load-actual
* [`d341bd86c`](npm/cli@d341bd8)
    * fix: implement cache modes correctly
* [`c90612cf5`](npm/cli@c90612c)
    * use new npxCache option

* [`ef668ab57`](npm/cli@ef668ab)
  feat(diff): add workspace support

* [`26d00c477`](npm/cli@26d00c4)
  fix(tests): mock writeFile in pack tests so we dont create 0 byte files in the repo
* [`f130a81d6`](npm/cli@f130a81)
  fix(linting): add scripts, docs, smoke-tests
* [`992799cd8`](npm/cli@992799c)
  fix(login): properly save scope if defined

* [`844229519`](npm/cli@8442295)
  docs(workspaces): update using npm section
  Added examples of using `npm init` to bootstrap a new workspace and a
  section on how to add/manage dependencies to workspaces.

* [`3654890fb`](npm/cli@3654890)
  remove ignored dep
* [`a4a0e68a9`](npm/cli@a4a0e68)
  check less stuff into node_modules
* [`7d5b049b6`](npm/cli@7d5b049)
  chore(package) Use a "files" list

* [`e92b5f2ba`](npm/cli@e92b5f2)
    * feat: improved logging of cache status

* [`e864bd3ce`](npm/cli@e864bd3)
  fix(update-notifier): do not update notify when installing npm@spec
* [`aafe23572`](npm/cli@aafe235)
  fix(update-notifier): parallelize check for updates

* [`bc9c57dda`](npm/cli@bc9c57d)
  fix(docs): remove documentation for '--scripts-prepend-node-path' as it was removed in npm@7
* [`ca2822110`](npm/cli@ca28221)
  fix(docs): link foreground-scripts w/ loglevel
* [`fb630b5a9`](npm/cli@fb630b5)
  chore(docs): manage docs as a workspace

* [`54de5c6a4`](npm/cli@54de5c6)
    * fix: trim whitespace from fetchSpec
    * fix: handle file: when root directory begins with a special character
* [`e92b5f2ba`](npm/cli@e92b5f2)
    * breaking: complete refactor of caching. drops warning headers,
      prevents cache indexes from growing for every request, correctly
      handles varied requests to the same url, and now caches redirects.
    * fix: support url-encoded proxy authorization
    * fix: do not lazy-load proxy agents or agentkeepalive. fixes the
      intermittent failures to update npm on slower connections.
    * breaking: drop handling of deprecated warning headers
    * docs: fix header type for npm-command
    * docs: update registry param
    * feat: improved logging of cache status
* [`23c50a45f`](npm/cli@23c50a4)
    * fix: work around negotiator's lazy loading

* [`c4ef78b08`](npm/cli@c4ef78b)
  fix(automation): update incorrect variable name in create-cli-deps-pr workflow

* [`598a17a26`](npm/cli@598a17a)
  fix(libnpmexec): don't detach output from npm

* [`c4fc03e9e`](npm/cli@c4fc03e)
    * fixes reifying deps with mismatching version ranges between
      actual and virtual trees
* [`9159fa62a`](npm/cli@9159fa6)

* [`399ff8cbc`](npm/cli@399ff8c)
  feat(link): add workspace support

* [`46a9bcbcb`](npm/cli@46a9bcb)
  fix(docs): proper postinstall script file name
* [`83590d40f`](npm/cli@83590d4)
  fix(ls): show relative paths from root
* [`a574b518a`](npm/cli@a574b51)
  fix(completion): restore IFS even if `npm completion` returns error
* [`554e8a5cd`](npm/cli@554e8a5)
  set audit exit code properly
* [`4a4fbe33c`](npm/cli@4a4fbe3)
  fix(publish): skip private workspaces

* [`3c53d631f`](npm/cli@3c53d63)
  fix(docs): typo in package-lock.json docs
* [`96367f93f`](npm/cli@96367f9)
  rebuild npm-pack doc
* [`64b13dd10`](npm/cli@64b13dd)
  Drop stale Python 3<->node-gyp remark

* [`7b56bfdf3`](npm/cli@7b56bfd)
  * feat: allow fully deleting indices
  * feat: add a validateEntry option to compact
  * chore: lint
  * chore: use standard npm style release scripts
* [`dbbc151a3`](npm/cli@dbbc151)
  * fix(exit-code): account for null auditLevel default (#46)
* [`5b2604507`](npm/cli@5b26045)
  chore(package-lock): update devDependencies

* [`3d5df0082`](npm/cli@3d5df00)
  chore(ci): move node release PR workflow to cli repo

* [`0d1a9d787`](npm/cli@0d1a9d7)
  feat(install): add workspaces support to npm install commands
* [`c18626f04`](npm/cli@c18626f)
  feat(ls): add workspaces support
* [`41099d395`](npm/cli@41099d3)
  feat(explain): add workspaces support
* [`fde354669`](npm/cli@fde3546)
  feat(unpublish): add workspace/dry-run support
* [`83df3666c`](npm/cli@83df366)
  feat(outdated): add workspaces support
* [`63a7635f7`](npm/cli@63a7635)
  feat(pack): add support to json config/output

* [`faa12ccc2`](npm/cli@faa12cc)
  fix search description typos
* [`2f5c28a68`](npm/cli@2f5c28a)
  fix(docs): autogenerate config docs for commands

* [`ec256a14a`](npm/cli@ec256a1)
* [`5f15aba86`](npm/cli@5f15aba)
* [`b3add87e6`](npm/cli@b3add87)
    * fixed sso login token

* [`076420c14`](npm/cli@076420c)
  feat(publish): add workspace support
* [`370b36a36`](npm/cli@370b36a)
  feat(fund): add workspaces support

* [`0c18e4f77`](npm/cli@0c18e4f)
* [`b551c6811`](npm/cli@b551c68)

* [`de49f58f5`](npm/cli@de49f58)
  fix(contributing): link to proper cli repo
* [`1d092144e`](npm/cli@1d09214)
  fix(packages): locale-agnostic string sorting
* [`0696fca13`](npm/cli@0696fca)
  fix(view): fix non-registry specs
* [`71ac93597`](npm/cli@71ac935)
  chore(github): Convert md issue template to yaml
* [`6fb386d3b`](npm/cli@6fb386d)
  fix(tests): increase test fuzziness
* [`f3a662fcd`](npm/cli@f3a662f)
  fix(tests): use config defaults

* [`285976fd1`](npm/cli@285976f)
  * fix(reify): properly save spec if prerelease
* [`f9f24d17c`](npm/cli@f9f24d1)
  * fix(add): Specify 'en' locale to String.localeCompare
* [`cb9f17499`](npm/cli@cb9f174)
  * force 'en' locale in string sorting
* [`24b4e4a41`](npm/cli@24b4e4a)
  * Avoid locale-specific sorting issues
* [`1eb7e5c7d`](npm/cli@1eb7e5c)
  * guard against locale-specific sorting
* [`a6a826067`](npm/cli@a6a8260)
  * fix(sort): avoid locale-dependent sorting issues

* [`701627c51`](npm/cli@701627c)
  feat(cache): Allow `add` to accept multiple specs
* [`59171f030`](npm/cli@59171f0)
  feat(config): add workspaces boolean to user-agent

* [`2c9b8713c`](npm/cli@2c9b871)
  fix(docs): fix broken links
* [`88cbc8c44`](npm/cli@88cbc8c)
  fix(tests): reflect new libnpmexec logic

* [`d01ce5e13`](npm/cli@d01ce5e)
    * feat: add walk up dir lookup to satisfy local bins
* [`81c1dfaaa`](npm/cli@81c1dfa)
    * fix(add): save packages in the right place
    * fix(reify): do not clean up nodes with no parent
    * fix(audit): support alias specs & root package names
* [`87c2303ea`](npm/cli@87c2303)
    * fix(clone): Do not allow git replacement objects by default
* [`99ff40dff`](npm/cli@99ff40d)
    * feat(npmignore): Do not force include history, changelogs, notice
    * fix(package.json): add missing bin/index.js to files

* [`c371f183e`](npm/cli@c371f18)
  fix(ls): do not warn on missing optional deps
* [`861f606c7`](npm/cli@861f606)
  fix(build): make prune rule work on case-sensitive file systems

* [`fb79d89a0`](npm/cli@fb79d89)
* [`ce3820043`](npm/cli@ce38200)
    * fix: prevent and eliminate unnecessary duplicates
    * fix: support resolvable partial intersecting peerSets

* [`e479f1dac`](npm/cli@e479f1d)
  mention `directories.bin` in `bin`

* [`7925cca24`](npm/cli@7925cca)
  * fix(registry): normalize manfest
* [`b61eac693`](npm/cli@b61eac6)
* [`c74e67fc6`](npm/cli@c74e67f)

* [`efdd7dd44`](npm/cli@efdd7dd)
  Remove unused and incorrectly documented `--always-auth` config definition

* [`4c1f16d2c`](npm/cli@4c1f16d)
  feat(init): add workspaces support

* [`42ca59eee`](npm/cli@42ca59e)
  fix(ls): do not exit with error when all problems are extraneous deps
* [`2aecec591`](npm/cli@2aecec5)
  fix(ls): make --long work when missing deps
* [`42e0587a9`](npm/cli@42e0587)
  fix(pack): refuse to pack invalid packument
* [`1c4eff7b5`](npm/cli@1c4eff7)
  fix(logout): use isBasicAuth attribute

* [`c93f1c39e`](npm/cli@c93f1c3)
  chore(docs): update view docs
* [`c4ff4bc11`](npm/cli@c4ff4bc)
  fix(usage): fix refs to ws shorthand

* [`83166ebcc`](npm/cli@83166eb)
    * feat(auth): set isBasicAuth
* [`e02bda6da`](npm/cli@e02bda6)
    * feat(auth) load/send based on URI, not registry
* [`a0382deba`](npm/cli@a0382de)
    * fix: windows ComSpec env variable name
* [`7f82ef5a8`](npm/cli@7f82ef5)
* [`35e49b94f`](npm/cli@35e49b9)
* [`95faf8ce6`](npm/cli@95faf8c)
* [`17fffc0e4`](npm/cli@17fffc0)
* [`1b5a213aa`](npm/cli@1b5a213)
* [`9f83e6484`](npm/cli@9f83e64)
* [`251f788c5`](npm/cli@251f788)
* [`35873a989`](npm/cli@35873a9)
* [`23e12b4d8`](npm/cli@23e12b4)
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