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npm public feedback discussions

In this repository, you can find the official npm public feedback discussions for every part of npm including the cli, documentation, the registry, and the website.

These discussions are where you can share suggestions for how the products should be improved and discuss those improvements with the community, including members of the npm product team. Check out Making Suggestions to learn how to provide feedback.

This feedback process is heavily influenced by the official GitHub public feedback discussions. Thank you to the team who worked on that for paving the path!

Making suggestions

We encourage you to open a discussion if you have suggestions for how we can improve npm. You don't need to have a solution to the problem you are facing to kick off a discussion. We are hoping to foster productive and collaborative conversations, so please check out how to give good feedback if you want some guidance on how to kick off a successful discussion.

Prior to making a new discussion please take a look at previous discussions to see if someone else has already brought to our attention your suggestions. If you find a similar discussion reply with additional details or react to signal your support rather than creating a new discussion.

From a suggestion to a shipped feature

Once you kick off a discussion, the npm team will do our best to make an initial response within 14 days. From there, we will work with you (and the entire community) to ensure we understand the current capabilities npm is missing and explore the space for potential solutions to your problem statement:

  • If the npm team determines that we are going to prioritize a feature to solve the problem that you've identified, we will mark the discussion as answered and update it periodically on the progress of the feature.
  • If the npm team determines not to pursue the problem that you have identified, we will mark the discussion as answered and will respond with our reasoning so our decisions can remain transparent.

npm CLI changes and the RFC (Request for Comment) process

The majority of feature requests for changes to the npm CLI will be directed towards the npm CLI RFC process. Often it may make sense to simply open a RRFC rather than a discussion in this repostiory.


Any statement in this repository that is not purely historical is considered a forward-looking statement. Forward-looking statements included in this repository are based on information available to GitHub as of the date they are made, and GitHub assumes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements. The forward-looking comments in the public feedback discussions do not represent a commitment, guarantee, obligation or promise to deliver any product or feature, or to deliver any product and feature by any particular date, and is intended to outline the general development plans. Customers should not rely on these public feedback discussions to make any purchasing decision.


Public feedback discussions for npm




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