Like `fs.createWriteStream(...)`, but atomic.
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Like fs.createWriteStream(...), but atomic.

Writes to a tmp file and does an atomic fs.rename to move it into place when it's done.

First rule of debugging: It's always a race condition.


var fsWriteStreamAtomic = require('fs-write-stream-atomic')
// options are optional.
var write = fsWriteStreamAtomic('output.txt', options)
var read = fs.createReadStream('input.txt')

// When the write stream emits a 'finish' or 'close' event,
// you can be sure that it is moved into place, and contains
// all the bytes that were written to it, even if something else
// was writing to `output.txt` at the same time.

fsWriteStreamAtomic(filename, [options])

  • filename {String} The file we want to write to
  • options {Object}
    • chown {Object} User and group to set ownership after write
      • uid {Number}
      • gid {Number}
    • encoding {String} default = 'utf8'
    • mode {Number} default = 0666
    • flags {String} default = 'w'