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copy paste error in readme

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commit 4f5a927cffd83ec340d70c0501f03425e240474b 1 parent 7dc035d
isaacs isaacs authored
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@@ -73,15 +73,4 @@ fstream
This will do like `cp -Rp path/to/dir path/to/other/dir`. If the other
dir exists and isn't a directory, then it'll emit an error. It'll also
set the uid, gid, mode, etc. to be identical. In this way, it's more
-like `rsync -a` than simply a copy
- .Writer({ path: "path/to/file"
- , mode: 0755
- , size: 6
- })
- .write("hello\n")
- .end()
+like `rsync -a` than simply a copy.
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