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Inherit log settings from npm. #36

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If the optional dependency npmlog happens to be installed, log settings such as color, heading and log-level will be not be inherited from npm's configuration. This PR explicitly tries to inherit log config no matter whether npmlog is installed or not.


actually hang on, there's some weird relationship between npm, npm-registry-client & npmlog, have to investigate more.

@timoxley timoxley closed this
@timoxley timoxley reopened this

Investigated and this seems the most reasonable way of solving the bug in npm/npm#4186

rex commented

Please, please, please can this be merged in? This pull request fixes a long running bug that ignores loglevel settings and I will do a happy dance if I can finally have my console output cleaned up.


This doesn't land cleanly, and seems to make the tests hang.

Is this still an issue?

@isaacs isaacs closed this

@isaacs It honestly is kind of hit-miss. Mostly working just fine, respecting my logging settings, but occasionally it reverts to verbose output. Definitely not something that affects my life significantly, however it is an interesting "ghost in the machine" if you will.


@isaacs I'm still seeing it after having reinstalled node (then it was gone) and then done "npm update -g" (then it reappeared). The thing that makes it extra frustrating is that it's hard to find out exactly what's been updated that I care about amongst all the junk output when I do "npm -g update".

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Commits on Jan 10, 2014
  1. @timoxley
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  1. +13 −2 index.js
15 index.js
@@ -13,7 +13,8 @@ try {
} catch (er) {
npmlog = { error: noop, warn: noop, info: noop,
verbose: noop, silly: noop, http: noop,
- pause: noop, resume: noop }
+ pause: noop, resume: noop,
+ enableColor: noop, disableColor: noop }
function noop () {}
@@ -63,7 +64,17 @@ function RegClient (conf) {
this.couchLogin.key = this.conf.get('key')
- this.log = conf.log || conf.get('log') || npmlog
+ var log = this.log = conf.log || conf.get('log') || npmlog
+ // inherit settings from parent npm
+ log.level = conf.get("loglevel")
+ log.heading = conf.get("heading") || "npm-registry-client"
+ = conf.get("logstream")
+ switch (conf.get("color")) {
+ case "always": log.enableColor(); break
+ case false: log.disableColor(); break
+ }
require('fs').readdirSync(__dirname + "/lib").forEach(function (f) {
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