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Remove public_users all together from CouchApp #125

indexzero opened this Issue · 5 comments

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@isaacs Wanted to bring this to your attention. @_jhs and I have been battling this a bit today. I know you've commented this issue apache/couchdb#67, but when it's merged (and hopefully it will be) then we can remove the public_users concept all together from the npm registry because it causes some nasty conflicts.


Actually it appears that I am mistaken apache/couchdb#67 will not be merged in favor of apache/couchdb#68.

... so can we make this happen?


Yeah, my hacky workaround is hacky and brittle. (Should be working right now.) I'm happy to use the builtin CouchDB bits once they're there.

@jhs Do you have any ETA on when this'll land?


public_fields looked to be merged for CouchDB 1.4, and it's use is documented in the README, but public_users looks to still be around.


I am ok with removing the public_users and _users databases from all copies that may exist on any machines managed by Nodejitsu.

In fact, we explicitly asked for Nodejitsu to delete all copies of those records a few weeks ago, iirc.

@isaacs isaacs closed this
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