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Looking at the CouchDB output of registry/generator-node-adv and registry/irc-apparatus (modules published by me), the author and repository properties are missing from the root JSON document, yet they show up for all entries under the versions key.

Taking a quick sample from recently updated modules, I have found the same is true for registry/iproute (to confirm it's not just my user). You probably have some easy, automated way to discover more modules with the same behavior.

The properties show up on most other module's JSON data, so I'm wondering if this is a bug in the npm registry or by (recent) design. Maybe it has to do with the migration (Fastly, Manta, etc.)?

Originally, I was looking for why my generator (see above) doesn't show up on the Yeoman community generators list. Turns out it's because the meta-data JSON document for my module is missing a repo, but I can't fix that.

If the change (not setting author and repository on the root object) was by design, lists like this would need to be updated.

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Community Generators is missing items #133

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@frozenice- If you publish a new version of your modules, does the root documented get corrected? Looking at recently updated modules, and they have both the author and repository fields.


Publishing a new version and checking again, the new version wasn't showing up and I thought there might be a new registry.

Indeed I found the new registry URLs in the README file, which Isaac updated 2.5 weeks after I submitted this bug. The metadata looks correct for both new registries, yay! (the old registry remains defunct in regard to the OP, but I guess it shouldn't be used anymore anyway)

I'll forward the new URLs to the Yeoman team, so they can update their listing. Thanks for responding!

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Update registry URLs, see yeoman/ #9

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