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1 # Authors sorted by whether or not they are me.
2 Isaac Z. Schlueter <>
3 Arlo Breault <>
4 Morteza Milani <>
5 Visnu Pitiyanuvath <>
6 Morgan R. Allen <>
a38e27f @isaacs Add Dominykas to AUTHORS
isaacs authored
7 Dominykas Blyžė <>
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isaacs authored
8 Mike Swift <>
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isaacs authored
9 Paul Dixon <>
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isaacs authored
10 Alejandro Morales <>
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isaacs authored
11 Artur Cistov <>
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12 Chris Jaure <>
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13 Barnaby Claydon <>
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isaacs authored
14 Amadeus Demarzi <>
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isaacs authored
15 Domenic Denicola <>
c3e0712 @isaacs Add artur
isaacs authored
16 Artur Adib <>
63c0226 @isaacs Add arei
isaacs authored
17 Arei (Glen R. Goodwin) <>
e3e4665 @isaacs Add dave
isaacs authored
18 Dave Eddy <>
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