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list the license for the package on the module details page #103

glennblock opened this Issue · 8 comments

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If you just want to show the "license" field from package.json, this is trivial, and you could probably send a pull req. (Add another row to the table in templates/package-page.ejs.)

If you want the full text of the license, then that'd be trickier, since we don't have that in the DB already, but we could start collecting it moving forward pretty easily.

@rockbot rockbot closed this

@rockbot was this done, or you got tired of waiting for me :-) ? I might actually be in a place to do it now if not.



a) it's been 2 years
b) the name of the license is clearly visible on every package page now


I mean, if you want to do more, please, by all means do!!


Thanks!! I'd be absolutely DELIGHTED to visit asia, though I'm (once again :-/) booked for conferences this year. When is hang.js happening? :-D


14th and 15th to be exact.

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