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Error: auth token expired or invalid (profile-edit) #120

morganrallen opened this Issue · 4 comments

2 participants


Seems like an old issue returning.
I have just notice it happens differently in master and on right now.
In my local it throws the error, logs me out, redirects to /login
On it only redirects me to /login but I still have but session but no edit took place.


I'm going to assume that, since this issue is, like, 2 years old, then it's okay to close it :-D (Yes? No?) Feel free to reopen if you disagree!!

@rockbot rockbot closed this

I DISAGREE! (but you can go ahead a keep it closed).


lol, ok :-D

(I can see how maybe the notion that "it's 2 years old so let's close it" is disagreeable on principle, and on that I agree. But if the issue itself isn't a problem anymore, then yes, it should be closed regardless.)

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