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Two usernames #139

MiniGod opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Kristjan Broder Lund
Kristjan Broder Lund

Somehow, i managed to create two accounts.

MiniGod and minigod.

I think (im not sure) I registered MiniGod on, and minigod with the npm adduser command (which i thought was a login command, but turns out that's not what it was).
I have one package with MiniGod, but then npm login forced me to use lowercase, so i have no way of publishing the new version of my package because it says forbidden user: minigod. npm owner ls shows MiniGod as owner. Apparently MiniGod != minigod.

On i can logon with both usernames, but with the npm login command i can only log on to minigod, because: npm WARN Username must be lowercase ... Login in on MiniGod shows the package. Loging in with minigod, and the package does not show up.

Kristjan Broder Lund

I solved this by changing the .npmrc file manually. But this still need a fix!
2 days ago, i posted about this issue on isaacs/npm.

Kristjan Broder Lund

isaacs fixed it for me: here

Kristjan Broder Lund MiniGod closed this
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