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How can I change my username? #169

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I want to have the same username on Github, Twitter and NPM. I've updated my Github but my NPM one's still the old one. Can this be done? I'm not concerned about breaking the URLs for my packages because nobody's using them except me.


Well, you can't just change the name, but you can create a new one, and switch over to using that instead.

  1. Sign up as a new user.
  2. Add that user as an owner to all your projects using npm owner add <pkg> <newusername> on the command line.
  3. Remove the old user from all your projects using npm owner rm <pkg> <oldusername> on the command line.
  4. Run npm adduser and enter the credentials for the new user name.
@isaacs isaacs closed this

A few notes:

  1. Adding the keyword "rename" so this shows up in search better.

  2. The syntax is actually <username> <pkg>, not <pkg> <username>.

  3. It'll be worthwhile updating your profile on the website, e.g. as I have done.


This was helpful!

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