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HTTP install script #84

adammw opened this Issue August 03, 2012 · 3 comments

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Adam Malcontenti-Wilson Isaac Z. Schlueter Sven benatkin
Adam Malcontenti-Wilson

Create an install script that can be served over HTTP that contains the CA cert and downloads and executes the HTTPS install script so that the standard curl | sh works rather than sh: 1: moved:: not found

Isaac Z. Schlueter

Is this really still relevant? Don't people normally get npm along with node nowadays?


afaik if nodejs is installed using Homebrew then the answer to your question is "no".

brew search npm yields:

Homebrew does not provide npm because it is self-updating. To install it, first
  `brew install nodejs' and then:

  curl | sh

As of this writing, the error notification at reads in part:

Error: ENOENT, open '/home/node/npm-www/'  

What would it take to get the script working for Homebrew users as before ?


Some people have scripts that are breaking unpleasantly because of this. How about putting a dummy script that says to use an alternate means of installing npm at that location? I haven't encountered this issue myself but I can understand the frustration. I don't particularly like my shell choking on a non-shell script. sh: line 1:<!DOCTYPE html>'`

It could even still have a 404 status code but have text/plain with a shell response body (of just echos and an exit code).

Isaac Z. Schlueter isaacs closed this in 7b77d25 August 11, 2012
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