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npm-bundle(1) -- Bundle package dependencies


npm bundle
npm bundle destroy
npm bundle <cmd> <args>

Run in a package folder.


When run in a package folder, this command can be used to install package dependencies into the node_modules folder.

When the package is installed, it will read dependencies from the local bundle before reading any dependencies that are already installed.

Furthermore, when installing, npm will not attempt to install dependencies that already exist in the bundle.

To bundle all the dependencies of a given package, run npm bundle without any arguments.

To completely remove the bundle folder, run npm bundle destroy.

To operate on the bundle packages, any npm command and arguments may be passed to the npm bundle command. For example, to install a package into the bundle, you can do npm bundle install express.

To list the packages in the bundle, do npm bundle ls. To remove bundled packages, do npm bundle remove <whatever>. Et cetera.

In this way, a command like npm bundle install can be used to have a dependency that is not published on the npm registry. (It still must contain a package.json, though, of course.)


Man pages are not installed by bundle.

Bins are installed, but not globally.

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