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npm-changelog(1) -- Changes


1.1.3, 1.1.4

  • Update request to support HTTPS-over-HTTP proxy tunneling
  • Throw on undefined envs in config settings
  • Update which to 1.0.5
  • Fix windows UNC busyloop in findPrefix
  • Bundle nested bundleDependencies properly
  • Alias adduser to add-user
  • Doc updates (Christian Howe, Henrik Hodne, Andrew Lunny)
  • ignore logfd/outfd streams in makeEnv() (Rod Vagg)
  • shrinkwrap: Behave properly with url-installed deps
  • install: Support --save with url install targets
  • Support installing naked tars or single-file modules from urls etc.
  • init: Don't add engines section
  • Don't run make clean on rebuild
  • Added missing unicode replacement (atomizer)


Dave Pacheco (2): add "npm shrinkwrap"

Martin Cooper (1): Fix #1753 Make a copy of the cached objects we'll modify.

Tim Oxley (1): correctly remove readme from default npm view command.

Tyler Green (1): fix #2187 set terminal columns to Infinity if 0

isaacs (19): update minimatch update request Experimental: single-file modules Fix #2172 Don't remove global mans uninstalling local pkgs Add --versions flag to show the version of node as well Support --json flag for ls output update request to 2.9.151


  • Replace system tar dependency with a JS tar
  • Continue to refine


  • Greatly simplified folder structure
  • Install locally (bundle by default)
  • Drastic rearchitecture


  • More correct permission/uid handling when running as root
  • Require node 0.4.0
  • Reduce featureset
  • Packages without "main" modules don't export modules
  • Remove support for invalid JSON (since node doesn't support it)


  • First allegedly "stable" release
  • Most functionality implemented
  • Used shim files and name@version symlinks
  • Feature explosion
  • Kind of a mess


  • push to beta, and announce
  • Solaris and Cygwin support


  • Lots of sketches and false starts; abandoned a few times
  • Core functionality established


  • npm(1)
  • npm-faq(1)
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