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# script for creating a zip and tarball for inclusion in node
unset CDPATH
set -e
rm -rf release *.tgz || true
mkdir release
node ./cli.js pack --loglevel error >/dev/null
mv *.tgz release
cd release
tar xzf *.tgz
mkdir node_modules
mv package node_modules/npm
# make the zip for windows users
cp node_modules/npm/bin/*.cmd .
zipname=npm-$(node ../cli.js -v).zip
zip -q -9 -r -X "$zipname" *.cmd node_modules
# make the tar for node's deps
cd node_modules
tarname=npm-$(node ../../cli.js -v).tgz
tar czf "$tarname" npm
cd ..
mv "node_modules/$tarname" .
rm -rf *.cmd
rm -rf node_modules
echo "release/$tarname"
echo "release/$zipname"