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Folder Structures Used by npm

Everything lives in the root setting. This defaults to $HOME/.node_libraries/. I'd like to be able to override it, but that's not possible yet.

root/.npm/foo is where the stuff for package foo would go.

root/.npm/foo/1.0.0/package the contents of the tarball containing foo version 1.0.0

root/.npm/foo/1.0.0/main.js Generated file that exports the main module in foo.

root/.npm/foo/1.0.0/lib symlink to the lib dir in foo.

root/.npm/foo/active symlink to the active version.

root/foo-1.0.0.js symlink to .npm/foo/1.0.0/main.js

root/foo.js symlink to .npm/foo/active/main.js

root/foo symlink to .npm/foo/active/lib

root/foo-1.0.0 symlink to .npm/foo/1.0.0/lib

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